Whenever I try to use little things from github (prometheus exporters, to pick the last two examples), I invariably find it easier to write my own using them as examples than to torture them into working as is. Whither all the promise of open source?

Oops, sfbubble.net broke for a few days because letsencrypt something something. What did I miss?

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Is anybody making a Reader in the fediverse? I know a lot of folks mourn the death of Google Reader (tho i never used it myself), seems like a great opportunity for a specialized instance or even pixelfed-style server. #reader #fediverse

I installed a smart thermostat!

By which I mean that our handyman sweated blood to route cable through walls and I just connected everything at both ends, and *still* broke a nail and stuff.

Also, how does a "smart" device not understand the concept of registering multiple users?

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Just tried to sing a 5-year-old to sleep with David Bowie. It's never too soon to start, on the one hand, but on the other...

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A slowly increasing number of friends have switched to tinyletter for something like semi-private blogging. I'm not totally convinced, but... maybe? An unindexable blog may have more appeal these days? Is having to subscribe just enough of a barrier to keep away the griefers and trolls?

Despite having very functional DSL from Sonic I just ordered Comcast cable, and now I feel slightly unclean :(

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I'm going back in to check on her.

Announcing LIBERTEXT, the texting program that only texts with words used in the US Constitition! It's TEXTING FREEDOM, the free-est texting that has EVER TEXTED and dream-Miki is TOTALLY working on it RIGHT NOW.

But then, STILL IN MY DREAM, I realized that this was actually brilliant and returned to my hotel room—next door—to toot an announcement, which I now bring to you, from dream-Miki, courtesy of the Oneiric-fediverse gateway in my head.

"That's great," I thought snarkiky, still in my dream, "if your texts are only using words from the US Constitution," which I thought was clever even though that probably only needs like ten bits at the outside.

I just woke up from a dream in which I saw someone boating on a security slack that their RF watch-to-watch messaging app could send as much as 44 bits per message.

Happy New Year, fediverse. We're staying in with cats and a crackling fireplace, but you be sure to do you. ❤️

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Here's the thing about Harry Potter: The sense of wonder & longing that the stories evoke isn't about the magic or fantastic beasts or flying.

It's about institutions that are worth dedicating your life to, mentors who have wisdom to impart, a society that, underneath it, genuinely has your best interests at heart.

It could be set in a modern university, with tech marvels in place of spells & potions, except that if it weren't set in a magical, make-believe universe, nobody would believe it.

Approximately everybody I know in the US has visited NZ in the last three months. Have I missed my chance to buy a hobby farm there at a reasonable price?

There are few things in life quite as satisfying as being the only person in a thread to correctly use em- and en-dashes... in the same message. *buffs eyeglasses*

Jetlag means weird sleeping patterns, catching up on reading at odd hours, and realizing I no longer like the writing of some of my favorite authors :(

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