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<<I do sort of love the fact that people think a species that can't manage a perfect 4-billion-year old self-sustaining solar-powered biosphere surrounded by its own self-generated forcefield are gonna somehow be able to build a viable space habitat. >>

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First time woken up by the baby, before she's even born! I woke up to the bed bouncing slightly but rhythmically, but it had ceased by the time I got an earplug out, so I just lay awake worrying whether E had had a seizure. Yay oncoming parenting!

CEO of dosomething.org was also inspirational; mission is to build belief in people that their efforts do matter, that there is hope for change for the good. Give them the rest of your money.

talks are amazing. Founder of vote.org talking about bringing out the black vote in Alabama and aligning the electorate with the population in 2017 senatorial election. Give them your money.

At Accelerate Good Global for the day. Quite different demographics to the usual tech conference: much broader age range, much better gender balance.

Now I just need to work out how to fancy up DNS. Sleep would have been better, but it's still nice having an occasion for pointless home network tinkering again.

Weird insomnia all night, so now I'm dysfunctionally tired, but at least my firewall logs are streaming from Unifi via syslog through MQTT into BigQuery?

We abandoned our breastfeeding class today to trash-talk the presenter and make out in the corridor. They can't make us go back.

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Whenever I try to use little things from github (prometheus exporters, to pick the last two examples), I invariably find it easier to write my own using them as examples than to torture them into working as is. Whither all the promise of open source?

Oops, sfbubble.net broke for a few days because letsencrypt something something. What did I miss?

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Is anybody making a Reader in the fediverse? I know a lot of folks mourn the death of Google Reader (tho i never used it myself), seems like a great opportunity for a specialized instance or even pixelfed-style server. #reader #fediverse

I installed a smart thermostat!

By which I mean that our handyman sweated blood to route cable through walls and I just connected everything at both ends, and *still* broke a nail and stuff.

Also, how does a "smart" device not understand the concept of registering multiple users?

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Just tried to sing a 5-year-old to sleep with David Bowie. It's never too soon to start, on the one hand, but on the other...

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A slowly increasing number of friends have switched to tinyletter for something like semi-private blogging. I'm not totally convinced, but... maybe? An unindexable blog may have more appeal these days? Is having to subscribe just enough of a barrier to keep away the griefers and trolls?

Despite having very functional DSL from Sonic I just ordered Comcast cable, and now I feel slightly unclean :(

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