Top programming tip: if you've already ensured that a list only has one element, references to its second element are unlikely to succeed.
In totally unrelated news, I just fixed a bug that's been driving me insane all day.

If your philosophy is a joke, do you call it Sartretire? :thaenkin:

If I were a frictionless cow in a spherical vacuum, where would I have left my philosophical conundra?

One peace of advice for novice programmers:

Learn to throw code away. Learn to be ok with it. git reset --hard is your friend.

Your value is not the code you've written so far, but your problem solving process. You'll replace the code faster than you expect. 💚

Moi, en quelques images...
DzCdxGIWkAAvWpZ.jpeg (578×900)

i apologize, good sire, for i seem to be too intoxicated to take you to the market and my hound has a case of the vapors

Can I have a new chassis, please? I've nearly worn this one out.

I've seen routing-loops you people wouldn't believe. L3 switches on fire off the shores of Orion. I watched collision lights flicker on the Tannhäuser gateway. All these packets will be lost on the line, like tokens in rings. Time to shutdown.

The trams in this city are awesome - they corner like they're on rails!

i tried to sell my soul to the devil but accidentally sold seoul to the devil. sorry everyone. my bad. i'd advise moving

A Cthulhu-esque horror game where you're captured by an elder god and you have to navigate their incomprehensible world.

Plot twist: it turns out the elder god adopted you as a pet and they love you and they think it's soooooo cute that you figured out how to open doors.

Coffee: less satisfying than genocide, but easier to get away with and it tastes nicer.

running my hands across the cool gray steel door I reach for the pentagon inset and trace my fingertip along the inside. Finding the groove I insert the keypiece properly, hearing a sharp click and a hiss. The door swings open slowly creaking, red light spilling into the darkness. I frown and grab for a snack, thinking i may need to wd-40 my fridge again.

Hey linux nerds? Can we not shit on Ubuntu?

microblogging is made up of two parts "micro", meaning small, and "blogging", short for "weblogging", which is made up of two parts "web", meaning that thing that spiders make, and "logging" meaning cutting down trees

so microblogging is when you're a spider that cuts down small trees
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